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LIC Regular Plans
LIC regular plans are also called as Endowment insurance plans. These plans are simple in nature, offer best returns.

LIC Life Insurance gives dual benefit life insurance with the concept of savings. Regular LIC policies, unlike pure term Insurance, provide death and maturity benefits and many other benefits according to the Plan formulation. All LIC policies comes with surrender values after certain number of years. LIC policies comes with Normal cover and Double Accident Cover( DAB).

LIC Life Insurance plan starts with minimum Rs. 1,00,000/- sum assured except one or two plans and the insurance cover starts from day one, in some cases based on the approval of the insurance underwriters. special riders can be added to all plans to enhance the cover and benefits of the policy like term rider, disability rider, Critical Illness etc., These riders give extra benefits to the policy holder by paying extra premium as per the under writing approval.
LIC Children Education plans
LIC Children Education plans are planned considering the need of child education and higher studies in India. LIC of India is fully owned by Government of India, keeping in mind for the general population of India, LIC of India had introduced many plans to help children education, higher studies, marriage etc.,

Children Education plans can be started well before having child. Children education planning in parents’ life would help the child in more ways. Parents’ whatever investments do are directly or indirectly for the child only.
Women Insurance plans
Women have come a long way from the limited career and stay-at-home roles they once had. While more and more women are making financial plans and considering various investments and savings avenues, few take life insurance seriously. Some women don’t even have a life insurance policy. Women Insurance Plans would help ladies to insurance and save tax under 80C of Income Tax Act. Today’s career woman is equal to her male counterpart in the workplace and also contributes to the running of her home. The services of a stay-at-home mother are equally valuable. In fact, many would consider them invaluable! What would happen to their families if they were no longer around?
Medical Management Software
It is widely used nowadays in the medical industry for keeping complete information of the patients which is helpful for both the patients and doctors.It also helps in the effective management of a hospital.

The different modules of this software are patient admissions and discharge,hospital management,pharmacy management,clinical support,administration management,accounting and inventory.
LIC Pension Plans
LIC Pension Plans give a sense of security. Pension is a complicated word. Pension in other words annuity means saving future. Many may not like saving for future from first day of joining a job. Pension plan is a process of long-term savings plan with tax relief. Pension Plan investment should save tax at the same time it should give the Retirement benefits 100% Tax free.
LIC Money Back plans
LIC Money Back plans from LIC is designed with specific requirement. Policyholder investment would not be blocked for long term and regular inflows every 5 years gives a kind for flexibility. Planning for future by Policyholder would be easy if the flow of funds is regular.

LIC Money Back plans can linked with child education. Every 5 years, from day of school fee and other expenses can be maintained from this plan. when the child comes out for work or higher studies, this plan help him by giving tax free lump-sum.

Money Back Plans are participating non-market-linked plan which offers an attractive combination of protection against death throughout the term of the plan along with the periodic payment on survival at specified durations during the term. Money Back plans are very popular due to their nature. This plan gives continues returns every 5 years tax free which can be utilised or saved in Banks for future use.
LIC One time Premium Plans
LIC one time premium plans are best for investments for long term. Some people don’t want to commit for long term or regular premiums, for those One time Premium plans are good to Invest. LIC is the largest Life Insurance Company with 100% holding by Government of India. So there is no risk on Investment and returns.
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