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LIC Tax saving plans with life insurance and guaranteed returns are considered to be the best of all Investments for salaried people and businessmen. LIC Tax Saving plans can be started with minimum of Rs. 1,000/- and by investing regularly and it gives dual Tax benefits under Income Tax Act. As LIC of India is fully owned by Government of India and LIC of India with highest Claim settlement ratio, makes everyone feel safe and secured.

Not having a good Life Insurance policy is a matter of concern. Life Insurance should not be considered only for Tax Saving but also for insuring life. There are many instruments for Tax Planning like PPF, Mutual Funds, Postal Savings etc., but Life Insurance plays a major role in policy holders life as a lifelong companion.

Other investments would be able to fulfill your aim only on reaching the final years but Life Insurance policy would help your family members to meet their goals he leaves the world also. Life Insurance should be #1 place in your investment list, it is recommended that at-least 30 times of your annual salary should be your life cover.
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