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Senior Citizen Investment Plans
Senior Citizen Investment plans require flow of funds at regularly intervals. Returns from investment should not be blocked as there would be no earning after retirement. The main intention of Investment is to get monthly Pension. whenever Senior Citizen Investment plans matures or any requirement comes, Investment companies should be in a position to return the money without any delay. Senior Citizens may not be able to travel or wait for getting the monthly interest or Pension payable. They should invest in a Trustworthy, popular and Government guaranteed companies only so that their investments are fully secured.

Senior Citizens should never look for exorbitant returns and lose their investment. They should consider each and every aspect before investment.

LIC of India regularly brings Investment plans for Senior Citizen with monthly returns. Every year considering the increase in retirement group, LIC of India introduces Monthly Pension plans for Senior Citizens.

This year also (2017-2018) Government of India had introduced PRIME MINISTER VAYA VANDANA YOJANA 2017. This particular plan is only for age 60 and above. This is one of the best Senior Citizen Investment Plans in the country. At the time bank interest rates are coming down drastically and Senior citizen Bank FDs are near 8% only, LIC of India under Prime Minister Vaya Vandana Yojana offering guaranteed yearly interest rate at 8.30% for next 10 years.

Best Senior Citizen Investment Plans

Features of Senior Citizen Investment Plans :

Senior Citizen plans should have following features. Please collect full details before investment.

  • Lumpsum investment
  • Monthly guaranteed Pension
  • Capital guarantee for Entire investment
  • Direct transfer of Pension to Bank Account every month
  • Trustworthy company
LIC Jeevan Akshay VI also offers attractive interest rates. The main advantage of LIC Jeevan akshay VI is guaranteed, never decreasing interest rates till the policyholder lives.
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